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The Seriously Spectacular Wedding of Beth & Laurence at St Cuthbert's Church & AKS Independent School Lytham

Be warned this is a huge posting, it's going to take a few minutes to scroll through a plethora of our snaps featuring some seriously spectacular and glorious flowers, some equally spectacularly beautiful people and some of the most spectacular venues on the Fylde, brace yourselves... Firstly though let me share some of the back story with you, we first met up with Beth and her fabulous Mum Catherine a year or so ago, we all hit it off  immediately and I distinctly remember laughing all the way through that first meeting, we've had many meetings since, some were just Beth & I some were just Catherine & I and some with our Jason too, with mood boards to discuss,  sample bridal designs to see and just to go over some of the details, there really was a lot going on for this Wedding, inevitably after all of our chats we had a thorough understanding of their taste, their relaxed almost boho style, their love of flowers and the importance of family & friends. ~ We were …

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