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Epic Posting Alert!!!! Hot Pink Peonies & Roses for Louise & Jeff at The White Church & The Grand Hotel in Lytham St Annes

This is a pretty spectacular wedding, with a hugely vibrant colour palette for a hugely vibrant couple, the day was quite simply perfect, perfect in every way, Louise & Jeff had it all; a stunningly beautiful Bride, Gorgeous Groom, super handsome 'Bride Giver Awayerer' (I think I may have made that title up!),  a fabulous Bridesmaid, two glamorous Mum's, a lovely reader, an iconic Church with a legendary Minister, a magnificent venue The Grand, even the weather was perfect!!! ~ I first met up with them months and months ago, Louise & I hit it off immediately, their mood board was brilliantly simple, clear and to the point with enough scope for us to get creative with the designs.  The subsequent sample Bridal Bouquet of Hot Pink Peonies, Sweet Peas and Darcey Roses was a huge success, Louise and her fab Mum Stephanie loved it. A sample Boutonniere featuring a Darcey Rose with Sweet Peas  We made a sample tall table design our magnificent FD Flower Bomb in vibrant …

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