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Passion Fruit & Watermelon Shades for Layla & Wayne's Wedding Day at Meols Hall

We've had a bit of a roller coaster ride creating flowers for the lovely Layla and Wayne, with these guys living in London we'd enjoyed a long distance relationship with planned appointments only  achievable on stupidly busy days not quite in the right seasons but hey it all came together in the end!!

Layla & Wayne had created a beautifully colourful mood board and we experimented with different combinations of colours and flowers
For their samples appointment a spectacular giant Balloon was delivered to us in the midst of wedding flower chaos, it was to become part of their collection of samples. Minutes before Layla & Wayne were due to arrive, it became detatched and soared to the super high ceiling of our studio a frantic few minutes ensued and our fabulous neighbours from Reax tried and then the team from Rainbow Blinds eventually managed to retrieve it just in the nick of time, precious minutes had been lost but thankfully our Bride & Groom were understanding…

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